Give your business a lift this season with LED or digital signage

LCD Digital Signage SystemsWell, now that we’re into the full holiday shopping frenzy, the next few weeks will be critical for retailers.  Every day is important as we count down the number of shopping days left until Christmas.  If you’re looking to increase business, why not try using LED light boxes or digital signage to help generate traffic and boost sales.  These products can be used in window displays, sidewalks, or at point of purchase.  They can be used to promote sales, advertise special offers, or increase brand awareness.  Additionally, digital displays can be used to reduce perceived wait times while customers stand in line at the register or dressing room.  There is still time to implement these solutions for this holiday season.

We have a number of LED light boxes and plug-and-play digital solutions in stock and ready to ship within 24-48 hours.  Give your business a lift this season with LED or digital signage and help make your holiday sales outlook brighter.  Check out our complete LED product line and digital signage at  And from all of us at DSA, Happy Holiday’s!

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