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DSA CEO - Bob Riley

Over the years, I have witnessed many different ways in which DSA display products have been used – spanning a number of   industries. Typically, our light boxes are used to illuminate graphic images for advertising and promotional purposes. However, there have been a number of unorthodox ways in which DSA products have been put to work – due largely in part to the variety of options available on our products. Below are some of the more unusual places you can find DSA light boxes:

1. Light Box for Lighting Sculptures

A museum uses our LED light box products to up-light sculptures. The uniform, bright, white light highlights the art work without any glare or inconsistency in color.










2. Stained Glass Light Boxes

Another museum uses them for back lighting stained glass panels. The bright, uniform illumination brings the vibrant color of the stain glass to life.














3. Light Boxes for Inspection & Tracing

A number of companies utilize them for parts inspection, tracing tables, and under cabinet lighting. The durability of the light box lends itself perfectly to these types of applications.












4. Light Boxes Used as Pure Lighting Sources

In retail and hospitality, our LED products have been incorporated with a white diffuser lens to accent entry ways, ceilings, and walls. The soft, even illumination creates a welcoming environment and complements architectural details in any space.









Keep thinking outside of the “box”!

Bob Riley

President | CEO

DSA Phototech


*Images used in this article are only for demonstration purpose.


President-CEO DSA Phototech LLC

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