Size, Weight and Wattage of a LED Lightbox

First of all, thanks to all guests for visiting our booth today at NBM Show!

We have received many good comments on our LED light boxes these days. Many of you have asked about available sizes, weight, wattage. Let me give a quick explanation here:

1, Size

For LED light boxes, we stock several sizes for each model. All of them can be purchased directly via our website. For sizes that are not listed for sale online, we can manufacturer them for you based on your requirements. Our lead time is only about 1-4 days and we don’t ask for minimum volume! Just give us a call or make a quote online and we will respond to you within 24 hours!

2, Weight
One of the advantages of LED Light Boxes is their light weight. If you look at the product images online, you can see that all of our LED light boxes are slim profile – around 1″ deep. A 22″ * 28″ standard single side LED light box weighs about 17lbs and a 24″ * 36″ one weighs about 24lbs.

3, Wattage
Most of our LED light boxes are edge lit with the LED strip set along the two longer sides of a light box. The formula to calculate wattage is multiple 4.8 with the total length of LED strip in feet. Take a 24″ * 36″ light box for example, the total of the LED strip will be 36″*2 = 72″ = 6 feet. The wattage will be 4.8 * 6= 28.8

Feel free to contact us for any more questions. Welcome to meet us at the NBM Show through this Saturday in Long Beach! We are in booth 126!

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  1. Glenn says:

    How are these lightboxes prepared for hanging, on a wall for instance or from a rigging point in the ceiling?

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