Abierto LED Storefront Sign


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Our "Abierto" LED Storefront Sign is a must have for every business open to the public. Let your bilingual customers know that your place is open and ready to meet their needs with a dynamic, eye-catching storefront sign. This LED sign is an excellent way to boost visibility, generate interest, and, of course, more revenue. Static and non-electronic signs have become less effective at generating attention and many businesses are updating their advertising strategy to include the addition of more LED signs - which are quickly becoming one of the more popular ways to advertise in the market today.

There are many advantages to using this type of signage. Powered by LED lighting, the storefront sign uses a fraction of the energy other types use - consuming a mere 5 watts of power - keeping operational costs extremely low. Weighing in at 5.3 pounds, this sign is lightweight and can easily be hung in any window or other indoor location.

This sign is energy efficient and designed to keep power usage and costs low. The sign's large and bright appearance consumes a mere 6 watts of power, thanks to the LED lighting technology. At 22" x 13" in size, the sign can be handled and adjusted with minimal effort, while still being large enough to attract attention.

This LED store front sign has three lighted display states: static, scrolling lights, and flashing, which are changed in an instant by using a side-mounted switch.

Advertising can be expensive, but with an Abierto sign for your storefront, you are ensured an easy and affordable way to generate new business in diverse markets. With a low cost and a high return, this Abierto LED Storefront Sign is a sound investment for your advertising and marketing budget.