ATM LED Storefront Sign


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Attract customers who need cash on the go with our “ATM” LED Storefront Sign. This bright and colorful sign is a great way to generate attention and let those who might not otherwise stop by know that you offer an ATM inside your business. It is also the perfect way to guide and control foot traffic within your store. Simply place the sign by the ATM and customers can identify exactly where they want to go quickly and easily. At just 22" x 13" and only 5 pounds, this sign is lightweight and compact enough to be placed on a window or wall, while still be large enough to attract attention.

This LED store front sign has three lighted display states: static, scrolling lights, and flashing, which are easily changed using a side-mounted switch. The sign's energy-saving design uses only 6 watts of power which means less operating costs especially when compared to other less efficient sources. If you've already invested in an ATM, why not promote this value-added service with an LED sign. When well planned and placed, signage is a great way to promote an ATM, increase revenue, and set your business apart from the competition.