We have a wide collection of pedestals to match all your advertising needs. Be it a non-lit or illuminated poster, you can use our pedestals. Designed in a compact way so that it is flexible enough to be used anywhere at anytime. It is perfect for boutiques, retail stores, super markets, theatres, resorts, etc.

• Solid, steel construction
• Single or double-sided applications available
• Custom fabrication available to meet your specific needs

The life of the pedestal is directly proportional to the material used in its construction. We design our pedestals using only high quality materials. We used the ever dependable steels in our pedestal construction. You can use our pedestals to display poster frames and light boxes for both single and double-sided applications. We also provide custom solutions to meet your specific needs. Create a compelling presentation for both non-backlit poster graphics and illuminated displays with our quality line of Pedestals.