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    DSA provides visual display solutions that will generate consumer interest and sales opportunities for your business. Our Engineers design innovative, energy saving solutions using the latest technology, connecting your brand with your customers.

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    Our energy saving product offerings spans across digital and static, indoor and outdoor display solutions, made in Southern California. We serve national and international clients with quality products and provide tested reliability and performance combined with quality, fit and finish.


    At DSA, we understand your ever changing needs to reach your customers with an inviting experience. We develop comprehensive custom solutions for you, from needs assessment concepting, prototyping through warehousing and distribution.

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What type of menu boards do you offer?

We offer indoor and outdoor menu boards, either digital, static, or hybrid variations. Static menu boards use an edge-lit LED or backlit LED, and a printed menu graphic is inserted for display. Digital menu boards use digital LCDs and a media player to deliver content across one or more display panels. Both menu boards can be used for drive-thru and are inserted in durable, weatherproof enclosures that can be wall-mounted or freestanding.

What type of menu board should I choose?

Each type of menu board has its advantages. Static menu boards have a higher initial cost, but the energy efficiencies of LED lighting save on operating costs over the life of a menu board. Static menu boards also have a much slimmer profile. Any illuminated menu board will require printed graphics which must be reprinted if updates are needed. If the menu is for a drive-thru, then housing, ability to change graphics, and security are important factors. Digital menu boards are more upfront, but they eliminate all future graphic printing costs and add exceptional flexibility for content control, POS integration, and customer engagement.

What's included with a menu board purchase?

An LED indoor menu board includes:

  • LED lighting
  • A built-in illuminated acrylic panel
  • A clear cover sheet

Drive-thru menu boards include:

  • Outdoor housing
  • LED lighting
  • 3/16” Poly Carbonate

Digital menu boards add-ons include:

  • One or more digital displays
  • Media player
  • Content creation software
  • Mounting system
  • SD card
  • HDMI cable

(Digital menu design services are available but offered separately.)

Do you offerprint illuminated menu graphics?

We offer printed graphic menu design on a backlit film 8mil substrate. Graphics can also be printed directly onto an acrylic sheet.

Do you offer digital menu design services?

Yes, if you want to convert a printed menu to a digital menu or create a new one from scratch. We offer several content creation packages. Our digital media players also include easy-to-use content creation software that allows you to create digital menus on your own.

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