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Visual displays from DSA Phototech are ideally suited for art work including photographs. Our displays showcase art work and artifacts in museums, art galleries, public spaces and private residences. They are also used in art exhibit design to display information and supporting graphics that often accompany art work.


We work directly with artists, designers and curators to ensure visual displays are finished to design specifications. Displays are ordered based on image size or exterior dimensions. They can also be customized by finish, lighting color temperature and can be installed in multiple ways including wall- or ceiling-mounted, stand-alone with optional feet, recessed or inset or suspended.

Custom displays are built to order our UL-listed, California-based manufacturing facility to ensure safety and code compliance. Custom displays are warranted for two years against defects.

Models that are commonly used for art display include the ultra slender Premium LED Light Box, the Backlit LED Standard Slim Line Light Box and the LED Light Box with Internal Power Supply.

With its ultra-slender depth of less than 1" and availability in custom sizes up to a stunning 72" x 120", the Premium LED Light Box is a favorite choice for display of photographic prints, especially in large format sizes.

The Backlit LED Standard Slim Line Light Box, with an ADA-compliant 2.75" depth, is also popular with many artists as it combines the brightness of backlit LED lighting with a relatively narrow profile.

With a power supply housed inside its frame, the LED Light Box with Internal Power Supply simplifies installation requirements and is another design frequently used for art and photography.