DSA Phototech Introduction

Learn more about DSA Phototech and our visual presentation solutions including light boxes and digital signage

The Craft of Making a Light Box

An in depth look at DSA Phototech, how we manufacture light boxes, and the craftsmanship behind our products

Space Needle Light Boxes Case Study - An Iconic Design Challenge

Video case study of custom light boxes in the Space Needle that highlights our custom manufacturing capabilities

Space Needle Light Boxes Case Study – Highlights Video

A 90 second highlight version of the Space Needle Custom Light Box Video Case Study

Light Box Art Installation at Los Angeles Union Station

A photographic light box art installation at Los Angeles Union Station, a major transportation hub in downtown Los Angeles

Frameless Fabric LED Light Box

Fabric LED Light Boxes are the latest visual display trend for big, bold graphics that capture a viewer's attention

LED Indoor Light Box with Internal Power Supply

Our LED Indoor Light Box with Internal Power Supply combines the bright, even illumination and energy efficiency of LED lighting with an internal power supply

Slim LED Light Boxes: Ultra Value, Value, and Premium

We offer three types of slim profile single-side LED Light Boxes - the Premium Single Side LED Light Box, Value LED Light Box, and Ultra Value LED Light Box

LED Light Box Installation with Z-Bar Hanger

How to install an LED light box using a z-bar hanger and how to change out the graphic in your light box (it's easy!)

Drive Thru Menu Boards

Drive thru menu boards are available in pre-panel and multiple panel designs with optional pedestal mounts and speaker posts.

BrightSign Digital Signage Products Overview

An overview of BrightSign Digital Signage products including their comprehensive line of Digital Media Players

Digital Menu Sample - The Spot Menu

An example of a digital menu design with animated graphics