22" x 28" Magnetic Face LED Light Box Silver Border


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Quickly change your company's advertising with our 22" x 28" Magnetic Face Light Box. A must-have for any shop, cafe, or retail establishment, this product is a great addition to your visual merchandising strategy.

Designed with a magnetic front cover, this lightbox is the perfect solution for quick graphic change-outs - making it ideal for businesses that change signage on a regular basis. Simply remove the cover, swap out the graphic, and replace the frame; it's that easy. Powered by long-lasting LEDs, our magnetic face lightbox provides bright and even illumination ensuring graphics and messaging will virtually come to life. An accenting silver border completes the look of this sleek, stylish frame. And, at under one inch in-depth, this lightbox can be mounted in just about any interior location. Hold your customer's attention without interruption; the included AC adapter keeps the frame lit for as long as you need with minimal power usage. This lightbox accommodates graphics in a 22" x 28" size and can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on your preference.

Beautiful bright, white LED illumination provides the ultimate in energy-efficient lighting while highlighting your display brilliantly. Offering low power consumption, an LED light box uses a small amount of energy and has low maintenance requirements.

Compare to traditional fluorescent light boxes that require routine lamp replacement and consume more energy, ultimately resulting in higher operational costs. Ideal for retail and hospitality environments, this product will help support your merchandising strategy. Start promoting your business today with a stylish, easy-to-use Magnetic Face LightBox.