Coffee LED Storefront Sign


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Let anyone looking for a good cup of coffee know that you’re open and ready to pour with this "Coffee" LED Storefront Sign. Our colorful and energy efficient LED combination “Coffee” and “Open” storefront sign is a must have for any business that serves coffee. Its vibrant colors can quickly capture the attention of potential customers interested in purchasing a cup of coffee on the go, and help set you apart from the competition.

The sign's bright and energy efficient LED illumination will help give your coffee sales a boost but keep your operating costs low by using only 6 watts of power. And, you can leave your sign inside; the LED lights are powerful enough to easily be seen when placed inside behind a window. Be as subtle or flashy as you want - this LED store front sign has three lighted display states: static, scrolling lights, and flashing, which are easily changed using a side-mounted switch.

Ideal for restaurants, cafés, bars and any establishment that serves coffee, this multi-use sign also advertises that your business is open and ready to serve. At just 1.6” in depth, this sign is compact enough to be placed anywhere, but large enough to garner the attention your business needs. Let your customers know when coffee is brewing with this LED storefront sign.