LED Backlight Module


LED backlight modules are the most preferred and common option for most small and medium size applications. Relatively low maintenance costs, long life, low power consumption, and precise control over light intensity are just some of the unique features of LED backlight modules. LED backlight tiles can be used to retrofit existing fluorescent light boxes adding longevity to your initial investment.

The best choice when it comes to appearance, cost and maintenance is LED lighting. These backlights offer a longer operating life - 50,000 hours minimum - and are brighter than other competitors. These LED backlight tiles ensure bright, uniform illumination throughout a panel.

LED Backlight Modules Feature:

  • LED Backlight Modules use 50% less energy than fluorescent lamps; lasting 3X as long.
  • Our LED Backlight Modules are solid state, and have high shock and vibration resistance.
  • No UV or RF interference
  • •Low heat emission
  • •Instant start
  • •Minimal maintenance
  • •Sustainable; no environmentally hazardous materials
  • UL-listed
  • •Very high efficiency
  • Power Source: 110-240v, Power Draw: 24vdc and Luminous Intensity: 576 lumens
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