NEW - 22" x 28" Recessed Front Access Light Box in Silver


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NEW INVENTORY -  This 22" x 28" Recessed Front Access fluorescent light box is designed for customers who look for exceptional illumination, high quality and front access with a recessed box so it appears flush with the wall. This light box allows you to change designs very easily. 

This Front Access-A Light Box is equipped with all the features needed for a perfect advertising display. The long-life of this product can be attributed to its aluminum, light weight construction. The fluorescent lamps provide reliable backlit technology with uniform illumination. Ideal for a wide variety of applications.

  • Indoor, recessed applications
  • Durable, light weight aluminum construction
  • Silver frame
  • Backlit using readily included fluorescent lamps
  • Face frame 1-3/8" width
  • Graphic sizes: 22" x 28"
  • UL listed

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